Tonda Wright



1. Fleeting; transitory: 2. Falling or fading early.


My Son’s Fugacious Life: Two Murderers, One Conviction is the story of my son, Johnquan. Gunned down at eighteen years of age, Washington, DC’s Fire and Emergency Medical Service Department failed to transport him to the hospital.

My son’s death was tragic and unnecessary. From that devastating phone call to the burial to two trials during the course of one year—a murder trial and wrongful death suit—it has all truly been so tiring and emotionally draining.

By writing this book, I hope to answer the same questions I have posed to myself: How do you overcome your fears? How do you overcome the bitterness inside? How do you forgive and move on with your life? And, most importantly, what happened on August 14, 2008, and what actions could have been taken to save my son’s life?

And, I’m hoping to uplift parents who have suffered the loss of a child. I hope to give solace to those who feel as if their backs are against the wall and have nowhere to turn.

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